SELH03002 Downpipe Filter Chamber

SELH03002 Downpipe Filter Chamber

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Downpipe Filter Chambers are 225mm in diameter. Each chamber has a single inlet and a single outlet. These are positioned at 45˚ internally (135˚ externally) to provide flexibility for installation. Either spigot can be used as an inlet/outlet to suit site requirements.

For additional flexibility, the filter is easily removable and can be placed on the outlet to suit the finalised installation orientation.



Skeletank Downpipe Filter Chambers have a 200mm deep sump to accommodate the deposition of silt and debris washed from the roof surface, which is then filtered from the pass forward flow on the outlet. Inlet and outlet spigots are sized to fit standard 110mm diameter pipework.

Each chamber is supplied with a polyethylene cover and frame (pedestrian loading) and raising piece.


Charcon HS Skeletank attenuation system


Element Dimensions
Chamber diameter 225mm
Inlet diameter 110mm
Outlet diameter 110mm
Sump depth 200mm
Overall depth including raising piece 500mm
Filter Details Specification
Filter pore size 1mm
Filter material Polyester mesh
Removable Yes
Flow Rate Specification
Max flow rate through filter
Maintenance Specification
Internal – visual inspection Remove and rinse filter if required – clear silt from chamber if required 3 Monthly
Material Specification
Chamber, raising piece, cover and frame Polyethylene



SELH 03002 FILTER CHAMBER Detail Drawing



This product specification is neither giving nor implying warranty for the use of this information for design and installation, as these are beyond our control. The data provided is typical and based upon the mean values obtained from the samples taken for any one test. If not otherwise indicated the test procedures reflect usually the mean of five samples. Charcon Construction Solutions Group Limited reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice. Skeletank® is a trade mark registered by Skeletank Limited.

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