SELH02001 HPDC Infiltration

SELH02001 HPDC Diffusion/Infiltration Unit

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Skeletank® High Performance Diffuser Conduits (HPDC) are designed for the efficient diffusion of collected surface water runoff into permeable aggregates*. This technique can be utilised in conjunction with both pervious and impervious surfacings. The SELH02001 unit can also be used to supplement the storage provided within the permeable aggregate layers without increasing construction depths, or to form a proprietary soakaway beneath a driveway or other trafficked hardstanding. .

Skeletank HPDC Units (SELH02001)


Skeletank® HPDC units are installed within the pavement construction zone as a sub-base replacement system and are fully compliant with BS7533-13:2009, ‘Pavements constructed with clay, natural stone or concrete pavers’.

The Skeletank® HPDC system is particularly useful where there are ground problems, such as high groundwater levels, contamination or shallow rock layers.

Each Skeletank® HPDC module is encapsulated by a 2mm mesh, which provides an excellent open surface area, allowing collected surface water runoff to easily flow into surrounding aggregate. Each SELH02001 module also has a pre-formed 110mm diameter socket at each end, allowing efficient connection to standard PVC-u underground pipework and units to be easily interlinked if required.

*When using permeable aggregate for water storage we recommend Aggregate Industries SudsAgg or similar.


SELH02001 HPDC Infiltration Unit


Element Dimensions
Length** 2124mm
Width** 354mm
Height** 300mm
Properties Specification
Maximum roof catchment area when diffusing run-off into Aggregate Industries SudsAgg (or similar) 250m2
Weight 18kg
Effective perforated surface area 59%
Volumetric void 92%
Approximate Storage Volume 210 litres
Short term compressive strength 715kN/m2
Material HDPE mesh with PP core

** Nominal sizes only


SELH 02001 HPDC detail drawing 21 July 2014




This product specification is neither giving nor implying warranty for the use of this information for design and installation, as these are beyond our control. The data provided is typical and based upon the mean values obtained from the samples taken for any one test. If not otherwise indicated the test procedures reflect usually the mean of five samples. HydroWMS Limited reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice. Skeletank® is a registered trade mark.