SELH01002 Rainwater Storage Unit

Skeletank® Rainwater Storage Unit

Product Code: SELH01002

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The Skeletank® 1500 rainwater storage unit has been developed to provide a simple and cost-effective method of collecting, storing and managing the runoff of rainwater from the roofs and  hardstandings of domestic properties.


Skeletank® 1500 units are extremely robust, utilising proprietary BBA certificated storage modules which are suitable for trafficked loadings when placed with the required depth of cover above. Modules are factory pre-assembled and then encapsulated within a welded 1mm PP membrane and geotextile protection fleece. This process ensures that each unit is guaranteed to be fully watertight. Inlet/outlet stubs are pre-fitted, including high-level connections to provide venting if required. Straps are also provided with each unit to ensure safe and efficient handling.


Skeletank® 1500 storage units are manufactured in the United Kingdom.


1500L Rainwater Storage TankStorage Capability

Each Skeletank® storage unit has a storage capacity of 1500 litres. Storage volumes can be increased by linking together multiple units using standard 110mm diameter PVC-u drainage pipework and fittings. This offers designers significant flexibility and thus the opportunity to provide bespoke designs for individual properties.



Standard Connectivity

Each Skeletank® 1500 storage unit has 6no. 110mm diameter Spigots; four at invert level and two at soffit level (for venting purposes). These spigots are sized to fit standard 110mm diameter PVC-u underground drainage pipe and fittings. Units are supplied with 3no. blanking caps.


Skeletank SELH01002 1500L rainwater attenuation system

Inner Strength allows Shallow Installation

Skeletank® 1500 storage units are suitable for both trafficked and landscaped areas. In domestic driveways, cover is set at 500mm (less for landscaped areas), allowing the units to be combined with Skeletank Controflow Mini-Flow Control Chambers (SELH03001) to provide shallow, on-plot source control SuDS. This in turn can dramatically reduce the size and scope of surface water drainage networks downstream.


Skeletank 1500litre rainwater storage tank SELH 01002

Element Dimensions
Length 2000mm
Width 2000mm
Height 400mm
Properties Specification
Weight 95kg
Spigot diameters 110mm
Load bearing capacity 392kN/m2
Rainwater storage capacity 1500litres
Material HDPE / PP

Skeletank SELH01002 1500L CAD details 2016




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