SELH05001 Hydro WMS Geomembrane

SELH05001  Hydro WMS Geomembrane

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Hydro WMS Geomembrane is a robust, weldable, single layer, cold applied polypropylene geomembrane suitable for sustainable drainage installations, environmental protection to structures, containments and cut-off trenches.

Polypropylene combines excellent chemical resistance with low flexural modulus to provide a malleable, flexible membrane suitable for non-smooth surfaces and factory prefabrication to optimise on site installation.



Construction Acceptability

Before laying check that construction allows membrane continuity to be maintained.



Laying Membrane

Membrane may be prefabricated into panels where appropriate to suit site requirements and should be installed by qualified operatives Laid strictly in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

Apply membrane firmly to substrate ensuring that trapped air is removed as application proceeds.

Overlap and bond consecutive sheets as specified using recommended hot joint or adhesive jointing methods to ensure full bonding at laps. When temperature is 4°C and falling a hot air pre-heat system of welding shall be adopted.



Property Value Test Method
Thickness mm (+/- 10%) 1.0 ASTM D-751
Density g/cm³ Min 0.9 ASTM D-792
Tensile Stress @ Break (Min N/mm²) 18 ASTM D-638
Elongation@ Break % > 700 ASTM D-638
Puncture Resistance (Min N) 150 FTMS 101C Method 2065
Tear Resistance (Min N) 60 ASTM D-1004
Dimensional Stability % Change Max +/- 2.0 ASTM D-1204 (1 Hr @ 100°C)
Stress Crack Resistance 100% ASTM 5397
Volatile Loss (5% Loss Max) 0.2 ASTM D-1203 Method A
 Ozone Resistance  No Cracks  ASTM D-1149
 Carbon Black Content  2 – 3 %  ASTM 1603
 Moisture Vapour (g/m²/day)  < 0.1  ASTM E96
 Friction Angle ( Non Woven Geotextile ) 21°  Shear Box
 Methane Permeability  0.11 g/m²/day/atm  European standard
 Methane Transmission Rate  1.8 x 10 -9 m3/m2/s/atm  BRE
Permeability Coefficient  1.8 x 10 -12
Core Material Polypropylene



  • Application temperature of the membrane shall be greater than 4°C
  • Primer not required
  • Number of layers : One ( 1 )
  • Laps – minimum 50 mm
  • Jointing : Shall be formed using fusion or extrusion bead welding in accordance with manufacturers recommendations


Workmanship Generally

Pre laying checks : Surface acceptability. Before laying check that
substrate surfaces are :

  1. Structurally sound
  2. Free from ridges and undulations
  3. Surface dry




This product specification is neither giving nor implying warranty for the use of this information for design and installation, as these are beyond our control. The data provided is typical and based upon the mean values obtained from the samples taken for any one test. If not otherwise indicated the test procedures reflect usually the mean of five samples. HydroWMS Limited reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice. Skeletank® is a registered trade mark.