SELH01001 Rainwater Storage Unit

Skeletank® Rainwater Storage Unit

Product Code: SELH01001

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The Skeletank® rainwater storage unit has been developed to provide a simple and cost-effective method of collecting, storing and managing the run-off of rainwater from the roofs and hardstandings of domestic properties.

Skeletank® storage units are extremely robust, the outer shell being formed from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) using rotational moulding techniques. This process ensures that each unit is guaranteed to be fully watertight.

The HDPE material used to form the outer shell of Skeletank storage units contains a percentage of recycled material.

Skeletank® storage units are manufactured in the United Kingdom.

SELH01001 – 1450 x 735 x 315mm deep

Storage Capability

Each Skeletank® storage unit has a storage capacity of 300 litres. Storage volumes can be increased by linking together multiple units using standard 110mm diameter PVC-u drainage pipework and fittings. This offers designers significant flexibility and thus the opportunity to provide bespoke designs for individual properties.


Standard Connectivity

Each Skeletank® storage unit has 2no. 110mm diameter spigots, one at invert level and the other at soffit level (normally only the invert level connection is required). These spigots are sized to fit standard 110mm diameter PVC-u underground drainage pipe and fittings.

The inlet/outlets are sealed during the manufacturing process.

During installation it is necessary to remove the first 10mm from the spigot before connecting pipework. A standard fine toothed handsaw will be suitable. Ensure any plastic burrs are removed using a file or coarse sandpaper.

Hydro WMS Skeletank attenuation system

Skeletank attenuation system with an SELH3002 filter chamber

Skeletank attenuation system

 Inner Strength allows Shallow Installation

Skeletank® storage units are the ONLY load bearing rainwater storage tanks. They can withstand loads of up to 700kN/m². This means that they can be installed directly below the surface of a driveway or patio with a minimum of 150mm cover.

The inner section of each Skeletank® unit comprises 8 Permavoid® HD sub-base replacement modules. Permavoid® HD is a unique and patented system for the replacement of sub-base below both pervious and impervious surfacings. It is fully compliant with the requirements of BS7533-13:2009 Annex B, ‘Typical physical properties of replacement systems (geo-cellular) units’

Each Skeletank® unit is supplied with a piece of geotextile, to be laid over the top of the storage unit before backfilling with aggregate or topsoil. The geotextile allows the storage units to breathe and prevents air locks from forming. In addition, if the surfacing of the hardstanding is pervious then rainwater run-off can permeate directly into the underground units.

Element Dimensions
Length 1450mm
Width 735mm
Height 315mm
Properties Specification
Weight 35kg
Spigot diameters 110mm
Load bearing capacity 700kN/m2
Rainwater storage capacity 300 litres
Material HDPE / PP

Rainwater Storage Unit Plan and Elevations




This product specification is neither giving nor implying warranty for the use of this information for design and installation, as these are beyond our control. The data provided is typical and based upon the mean values obtained from the samples taken for any one test. If not otherwise indicated the test procedures reflect usually the mean of five samples. HydroWMS Limited reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice. Skeletank® is a registered trade mark.