Infiltration for Landscapes

Skeletank Solutions for Infiltration in Landscaped Areas

Landscaped areas are ideally suited to the installation of proprietary soakaways because of their reduced loading requirements (provided that underlying soils have sufficient permeability).

Skeletank ‘Landscaper’ (LDC) Units offer an ideal solution for providing infiltration below landscaped areas and are complemented by our range of modular accessories.


Landscaped Area Design Utilising Skeletank LDC ‘Landscaper’ Units

Skeletank ‘Landscaper’ (LDC) units are pre-formed proprietary soakaway modules, factory encapsulated by 2mm polypropylene mesh, with integral 110mm diameter sockets at each end for ease of connection. Skeletank LDC units can be arranged in numerous configurations to provide an efficient drainage field in landscaped areas, such as lawned gardens and planted areas. Each unit provides 370 litres of storage.

The use of the Skeletank LDC units as a drainage field (interlinked in narrow trenches), as opposed to the storage being placed (as is traditionally the case) in a single structure, maximises the surface area to volume ratio of the units and thus increases the efficiency of the system.

SELH02002 – 2000 x 500 x 400mm deep


LDC Infiltration Landscaper

Skeletank products shown in this example

SELH-03003 Skeletank-Catch-Pit